• the best of kpop 2022

    the best of kpop 2022

    It’s that time of the year! Korean pop music has been busy this year, despite the many hurdles, the many scandals, the many members leaving, and the many disbandments. That said, there was a lot of debuts, a lot of fandoms uniting, a lot of returning groups, and a lot of really awesome music. This […]

  • mini-album review: NewJeans “New Jeans”

    mini-album review: NewJeans “New Jeans”

    Remember when Beyoncé surprised everyone with an album nine years ago, changing the music industry’s way of releasing music as we knew it back then? Nothing of the sort has ever made its tread into Korean pop waters until ADOR, a subsidiary label under HYBE LABELS (you know, the one that houses the likes of […]

  • album review: Perfume “PLASMA”

    album review: Perfume “PLASMA”

    The world is no longer the world we knew back in 2018, when electronic-pop trio Perfume released their album “Future Pop”. Performances could not proceed, concerts were cancelled or rescheduled or aired for television consumption, and Japanese pop groups faced threats to their longevity in the scene. And yet, even when all else was uncertain, […]

  • mini-album review: fromis_9 “from our Memento Box”

    mini-album review: fromis_9 “from our Memento Box”

    Summer has arrived, and the girl groups are not holding back with their summer concepts this year! Summer queens galore! One of the many few releases for the summer comes from nine-member unit fromis_9, who have had their fair share of summer jams and bops throughout their tenure that started out with Idol School. The […]

  • compilation review: Queendom 2 “FINAL”

    compilation review: Queendom 2 “FINAL”

    I’m back! After some false promises, and a bout with the COVID herself, I am back to give the children what they want! And I bet you have been waiting patiently for what I’ve been thinking about what’s going on in the South Korean pop music scene, with its insane amount of debuts and comebacks […]

  • mini-album review: Brave Girls “THANK YOU”

    mini-album review: Brave Girls “THANK YOU”

    Well, Fearless, we’re back at another comeback from the girls! Brave Girls returns to the K-pop scene with a new mini-album, and this time, the girls take on a retro disco concept that will have you screaming ‘2nd-generation vibes’. Titled “THANK YOU“, Brave Girls aims this comeback right to the heart of their success, the […]

  • single review: NMIXX “AD MARE”

    single review: NMIXX “AD MARE”

    I am back, and I’ve finally gotten things together to put full focus on reviewing! And, frankly, what a better way to get back into it than reviewing one of the most controversial debuts ever to hit the K-pop scene? Introduced as a ‘blind package’ concept back sometime in early 2021 (probably even earlier, if […]

  • album review: hitomi “huma-rhythm”

    album review: hitomi “huma-rhythm”

    We’ve reached album stage for the “huma-rhythm” series, and just in the nick of time! Did you know this album was released on this day in 2002? That’s… wow, 20 years ago! Insane to think I’ve gotten to that point in my life where music I’ve grown up with is now 20 years old, but […]

  • single review: Morning Musume. “SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~”

    single review: Morning Musume. “SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~”

    Bet you thought there wouldn’t be another series to throw into the mix, but nope, I’m doing it now! This time, I’ll be looking at a set of singles up to the release of an album known as “SEXY 8 BEAT”, from my ult-group and Japan’s mega pop-sensation Morning Musume., and more specifically, the set […]