single review: HyunA “FLOWER SHOWER”

2018 wasn’t a particularly good year for former CUBE family members HyunA (of 4minute fame) and E’Dawn (of PENTAGON fame). After the announcement of their dating hit the netizen world, they were thrown under so much scrutiny and ridicule that it led to their dismissal from the company and disappearance from the public eye. Cut to about a year later, and P NATION, their new management company led by the Gangnam Style hitmaker PSY, announces a dual comeback: HyunA and E’Dawn.

HyunA’s comeback tackles a trendy concept, but are we going to be showered with blooming flowers, or is the concept going to wilt the flowers around it?

HyunA promoting FLOWER SHOWER


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

FLOWER SHOWER” is HyunA’s first song since 2017’s “Lip & Hip”, and while HyunA is fairly known for her high-energy club-like tracks, the former 4minute rapper takes her sound to a brighter and wholesome field. Powered by snaps, bongos, and a slight trap feel, her new song blends a variety of beats and drops to make the song feel like it is a HyunA track and still manage to feel new and refreshing, like springtime, almost like it isn’t going to be winter in the next few weeks. Perhaps even the best parts of the song is when she references her iconic song ‘RED’, indicating that she hasn’t left and is reminding you that HyunA, from head to toe, is still red. Flowers seem to be in this year, due in part to a lot of girl groups exploring floral concepts, but HyunA’s showering us with it and frankly, I couldn’t ask for a better return to form.


I think I’ve really established it all with the review of the song… Miss HyunA is back. The positive reception to the song is sure to help bring her career back from the depths of netizen hell, and I think this is an indication of new growth. I can’t wait to see what she has in store next, but in the meantime, shower us with all the flowers you can, HyunA.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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