single review: MEG “PRECIOUS”

We continue to stroll down memory lane, as you can tell by the recent posts!

Next up is another Nakata Yasutaka protege, by the name of MEG, a fashion-designer-turned-singer, with a unique vocal tinge a la YUKI or Chara. In her short-lived tenure working with the electronic music producer, MEG pumped out tunes that brought her into the limelight and propelled her to a career high. In fact, the single we’re about to look into is her highest-charting single. Now, if you’re already reeled in by her unique style and sound, great! But you might find this single even more precious if you like, say, cat videos…

MEG promoting PRECIOUS


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Perhaps it’s the music videos that really make or break a song, as is the case with this fun little bop from the soloist, called “PRECIOUS“. A wonderfully entertaining song produced by Perfume-and-Kyary songmaker Nakata Yasutaka, this track is a great mesh of electronica elements, synth, and guitar. It’s woefully Engrish lyrics also make this song a treat to behold, as you’ll likely be humming that you’re not a sampling girl at many different points in your life. However, as I said earlier, it’s really the music video that gives this song its edge. For an age we live in where cat videos are heralded as one of God’s greatest creations, “PRECIOUS” lives up to its name in both song and visual delivery.

Obviously this is not the “official” upload, but let’s face it, you will NEVER find this PV on YouTube (lol).


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Contrasting the title track is a mellow B-side in the form of “CANDY“. A slower synth and drum-driven electronica ballad, with tinges of harpsichord, “CANDY” is a familiar-sounding song, taking after the style of B-side tracks from Perfume’s catalog. The best parts of the song come in nearest the end of the song where the track itself picks up in speed but continues to make the vibe mellow with MEG’s soft and soothing vocal over the quiet looping melodies. It’s magical in its delivery, like a soft stroll into wonderland. It’s not my overall favorite from MEG, but it’s a nice deviation from her usual sound. Sweet like candy.

PRECIOUS <end of summer mix>

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If you didn’t get enough of the title track, the single comes with a remixed version from Nakata himself, with some nice little touches to make it feel like it is a unique song. With cues that you’d find in his productions with Japanese reggae artist MINMI, “PRECIOUS <end of summer mix>” is a great song fit for exactly what it suggests: the end of summer. Containing guitar elements to really give it a more acoustic vibe, blending with overlapping electronic beats, this is a song you would hear when the day hits sundown. A precious retelling of the track, perfect for the fall season.


Cat videos aside, this is a delightful release from the singer. All the songs on the single are worthy of repeats and have a joyful appeal to each. “PRECIOUS” is also the perfect example of a great song paired with an even better video. It is definitely one of my favorite releases under the Nakata umbrella, and provides me with so much joy when the title track pops up in my head. In fact, I’ve taken the liberty of enacting the music video with my own cats… I doubt they enjoy that, but man, is it ever a precious sight to behold.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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