single review: Perfume “Spending all my time”

Let’s go back to 2012, seven years ago, where things were a little less chaotic in the world and Perfume was just getting their feet into international waters. They gave Japan the techno-craze they needed in the 21st century; it was time for them to extend this reach outside Japan (as if they hadn’t already), and they needed to gift their international fans something special to commemorate this.

Enter this single, which was their second release of 2012, and this particular single has Perfume exploring territory that is vastly different to them, but undoubtedly familiar for us. The question is, did they spend all their time making something lovingly for the fans, or was it not enough?

Spending all my time / Point / Hurly Burly
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Spending all my time

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The title song, “Spending all my time” is notably Perfume’s first almost-entirely English song, conceived for their continuously-growing international fanbase (myself included) as mentioned earlier. Taking on sounds that are a la Calvin Harris (or even obscurely, Wynter Gordon), “Spending all my time” is, at worst, a formulaic dance banger based around just a few chords, but at its best, a crafty jam that has Nakata Yasutaka working in the least amount of effort to create a song that’s easily accessible for international fans, with its Top 40-like vibe, all while still making it sound quintessentially and uniquely Perfume. Not to mention, it is also incredibly catchy. Spending all my time in my head, no doubt.


Romanization/Translation: Point

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The second song on the single, a tie-in with KIRIN, is “Point“, which is a breezy spring-like tune built to sound like the wind. A full-on mesh of synth and 8-bit noises make up the chorus, engaging the listener in a what feels like a burst of flowers flowing past as the song continues on. Topped with the soothing vocalizations of each member of Perfume, “Point” has a magical twinkle to it that feels fresh and vibrant. I’m joyfully giving this four point two-five points (ha, see what I did there?).

Hurly Burly

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Lastly is the high-energy dance track that, oddly enough, is another tie-in with KIRIN. “Hurly Burly“, is filled with pulse, beginning with heavy bass beats before going all in to a speedy electro-dance sound that elevates the listener to a groove that cannot be stopped. The song catches you right into its infectious chorus melody; if you’re listening to the song right now, you might just be head-bopping. I will say, at a long five minutes, the song tends to wane a bit but it still maintains its hyper drive throughout, ensuring that this song’s flavor is your favorite kind of flavor. It’s a hurly-burly party indeed.


There’s no doubt, this single had its effect on Perfume’s international fanbase. Some had viewpoints that it was indeed your generic Top 40 club banger, but some had found this to be a charming and valiant musical effort from the girls. For myself, it was the latter. The overall single continues to be one of my favorite Perfume singles, as each song on the single has their own high-level quality in sound and vibe. To this day, Perfume continue to be a strong girl group with their incredible sales and amazing tours (one of which I went to!), and the title track of the single continues to be one of their staple songs to perform. If you need to spend all your time listening to Perfume, spend it listening to this.

MUST-LISTEN: Spending all my time, Hurly Burly, ポイント

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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