single review: Utada Hikaru “Addicted To You”

Next up in my Hikki series is the hugely-successful single “Addicted To You”, a single that does not even bear an original mix, but two ‘mixes’ with different nostalgic appeals. With this single, Hikki continued to reign, having dominated the Japanese music scene with their fresh R&B sound that was already making waves in the West. Being one of their best-selling singles of all time, Hikki joins forces with famed R&B recording duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who Westerners may be familiar with from the tunes of Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men, Usher, and the like.

Here’s the question I pose now: Is this single addicting to you, or is it just a one-time thing?

Utada Hikaru promoting Addicted To You

Addicted To You (UP-IN-HEAVEN MIX)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One of the two remixes, and the promotional remix, on the single, “Addicted To You (UP-IN-HEAVEN MIX)” is the better version. With its harp introduction to the signature 00s-R&B violins and bass beats, this song is everything you’d hear of its time, harking back to a time period that had Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah, and other R&B artists killing the charts. If only this song had made it into the American market… Aside from that, this remix is a killer jam. Fueled by Hikki’s youthful vocal on top of its looping harp-violin-bass beats, it’s a groovy hard-hitting throwback. It’s sound is so catchy, it’s addictive.

Addicted To You (UNDERWATER MIX)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The second remix on the single is a slower, jazzier version, maintaining its late 90s-early 00s-esque sound of its predecessor but giving it a much more sensual vibe. While it is lacking any of the nostalgic-oomph that really makes the first remix, “Addicted To You (UNDERWATER MIX)” is still a great jam. Going for a more Janet Jackson vibe a la ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’, the UNDERWATER MIX is filled with a sexy bass noise all throughout, giving the song a groovy vibe that doesn’t quite escape you. It is a longer song so if you’re willing to go six minutes with the same kind of sound, then this is for you. It’s a song I’m finding I’m enjoying as I continue listening to it, so I may somehow get addicted to this in time.


As Hikki’s first of their ‘Distance’-era singles, and one of the few of their heavily-R&B-influenced singles, “Addicted To You” is a formidable entry in their discography. While I don’t actually know what the original track sounds like (it’s not even in their discography), both mixes are incredibly made, due in part to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. It really does make sense why this still continues to reign as one of their best-selling singles; it’s addictive, and whether you’re up in heaven or underwater, Hikki came back for more and slayed. Take me back to this time, Hikki!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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