single review: ITZY “IT’z Different”

The hype train is real! This is the case for five-member pop group ITZY, introduced to the K-pop world under the JYP Entertainment umbrella, featuring members you might have already been familiar with under the likes of SIXTEEN, MIXNINE, and Stray Kids. ITZY’s hype was so huge at the beginning of 2019, being that they are TWICE’s ‘little sisters’ and that they were the group that even JYP’s former starlet Somi was supposed to be in.

But with that hype comes the actual delivery, and when the delivery doesn’t hold up, the hype becomes unsatisfactory. Is ITZY really all that different from every act on the K-pop scene, or are they just the same as everyone else?

Dalla Dalla / WANT IT?
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Romanization: Dalla Dalla
Translation: Different

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If you were enthralled by this song on immediate arrival, then you are just like myself. But, it isn’t to say that “Dalla Dalla” didn’t receive any polarizing result… because it certainly did.

A song of basically five, “Dalla Dalla” is a roller-coaster of a song. Whirring in like an elevator to indicate their rise, a heavy synth beat hits in with the kicks of a drum booming in the background, merging itself into distorted noise, before kicking into high-gear for a high-powered chorus effort that begs for you to tell yourself ‘you love yourself’. Suddenly, you’re thrown into loops into a trap-influenced dance break before going back and forth and sideways. It’s a song that doesn’t let up and has the girls showcase their vocal and rap talents left and right. It’s hard-hitting girl crush at its best, and a slight break telling you to keep your chin up because they’ve got your back over a dubstep beat really indicates that they are a force to be reckoned with. It’z undoubtedly different from a lot of the songs of the year, and is a formidable exercise in how you get a debut in.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Serving as the introductory track when the hype train was rolling in for the group, “WANT IT?” is a fun little rock-infused jam with heavy booming bass to give it a little bit of oomph. It’s a hard and rough hitter of a song, with the girls singing in unison for a majority of the song. The song does tend to go all over the place, but its verse parts are definitely the catchiest of the song, giving you all the build up you need to the repetitive chorus begging you to tell them you ‘want it’. Perhaps what’s even better of the song is their little chants asking you to play with them. It’s a fun jam; not particularly my favorite as it’s a little repetitive and not as catchy as their title track, but it’s enjoyable at best.


This debut really lived up to its hype.

I mean, there’s no doubt that ITZY already had it in the bag and would have undoubtedly delivered anyway if there was any concern, so the hype was already real from the get-go. The title track is so ‘wtf’ and so awe-inducing at the same time, that you’re sitting there going ‘yeah, considering it’s from JYP, it’s no surprise’. ITZY really made a name for themselves with this debut and now all eyes are on them for their next few releases. They’ve proven they’re different, and they’ll continue to give you different at every point. It’z no lie, ITZY is here.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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