single review: Perfume “Spice”

It’s the new year, and I’m finally back from the annual Christmas holidays to wreak havoc on Asian music once again… I kid, I kid.

This year, I’m feeling very nostalgic, and I’ve decided to make 2020 the year of nostalgia. Can you believe it’s already been nine years since 2011? That means it was nine years since the release of Perfume’s single “Spice”, the final single from their album JPN. It’s time for me to see how this has held up through the test of time.

Is this spice worth sprinkling over onto my New Year’s dinner, or will this be too spicy for my liking? Let’s head into 2020 with my first review of the year!

Released: 2011/11/02


Spice (Instrumental)
GLITTER (Instrumental)

Perfume promoting Spice



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Built around looping synth melodies that feel fluttery, “Spice” is a mid-tempo sing-along jam. The song doesn’t contain much in lyrics as it’s simply its introduction and chorus, but what it lacks for in terms of substance makes up for meaning, as the song takes its title right into the idea of a spruced-up love life. The song adds a bit of spice instrumentally towards the end, and the song certainly goes through its motions, much like stirring spice into your pot.

The song remains to be catchy and full of delicious spice 8 years later, with its hypnotizing jagged sound and nature-like feel. Undoubtedly a great spice for your music catalogue.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Like the flow of glitter through the wind, “GLITTER” is a fluttery tune, with a melody that continues to sparkle throughout the entirety of the song. At five minutes, “GLITTER” is one of Perfume’s longer tunes, but the song feels so quick with its hyper-twinkle noise, blaring out when it’s on display but subtly hiding itself behind the girls’ vocals.

The song is a near-perfect representation of how glitter glistens in light, flowing through wind in its speedy run. While the girls do a great job of delivering the vocals, the real spotlight is shone on the frantic instrumental that Nakata has so finely crafted to feel quite like glitter itself. Shine on, “GLITTER”, shine on.


The “Spice” single continues to remain a favorite to this day.

I personally prefer Spice over GLITTER moreso in terms of its appeal and catch, but both songs are so well-crafted and really establish both Perfume’s and Nakata’s growth in sound. Spice allowed for Perfume to explore a more mellow vibe, while GLITTER built on familiar sounds but built creatively to be like its namesake.

As the final lead-in single for their album JPN, it was a fantastic closer of an era. Spice up my life and glitter bomb me, why don’t you?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


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