single review: BoA “MASAYUME CHASING”

Next up on the nostalgia train is K-pop singer BoA, who J-pop fans may recall as one of the biggest soloists of the early 2000s era. Having pumped out tracks that include ‘LISTEN TO MY HEART’, ‘DOUBLE’, and a Western-favorite known as ‘Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi-‘, BoA was (and still is) a household name. Anime fans know her for ‘Every Heart’ for InuYasha, as well as other obscure tunes like ‘BESIDE YOU’ for Asobotto Senki Goku.

As of recent, BoA has made her mark on another popular shounen series; this time, it’s for the anime FAIRY TAIL, providing the first opening for its 2014 reboot. Is this track fitting for the series, with its B-side being as ‘fun’ as it claims, or is the entire single just a continuous chase to nowhere?



Rating: 4 out of 5.

Driving past a gentle piano melody that continues forward, the beats of “MASAYUME CHASING” are powerful and heavy, going for an inspirational route. Once we hit the chorus, we’re driven into sounds, tones, and beats that are reminiscent of BoA’s older discography. The song moves you forward, building up to its dance-pop chorus with force. It’s undoubtedly a very fitting opening track, with its catchy chorus, anthem-like feel, and power; it’s the stuff you find in shounen openings. The song also contains BoA going full rap with fire delivery, something that’s unheard of in a lot of BoA songs.

“MASAYUME CHASING” is a great song, but it does tend to wane a bit by the end. It’s still a catchy song, but I don’t quite find myself listening to this too much. However, when I do, I always find myself chanting with BoA. The song is still worth its chase.

Somehow avex decided not to have an official video YouTube upload for the PV, so I had to resort to desperate measures here… lol.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

You wanna go for a ride? This one is bound to be fun! And it is.

FUN” is a dance-pop song that goes for a more synthy/electro feel, but it’s not quite obvious or blaring. The song’s melody is fairly simple and carries itself throughout, before bringing in a few more funky instruments to really get the vibe going. The song is the complete party jam package, allowing you to bop your head to the beats and chant ‘fun’ all throughout. It’s also incredibly fitting for those summer walks downtown, as the catchy beat has you following along. The better of the two songs on the single, “FUN” is a treat to behold, and while it is fairly simple in sound, it still feels fresh and, dare I say it, fun.


Undoubtedly one of BoA’s best and fun singles, ‘MASAYUME CHASING’ is a great introduction for J-pop fans of the 2010s, and the title track serves to be a great opening song. Many of my anime friends find the song to be very accessible and catchy, proving to be worth its tie-in. Not only that, but this single contains an awesome B-side (which itself ended up being on her album the next year). Both tracks are fun and are worth every bit of the chase. This single is a must-try for newbie BoA fans and veteran fans alike. A true dream chase, for sure.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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