single review: MOMOLAND “Thumbs Up”

If we’re on the topic of nostalgia, then we shouldn’t be forgetting all the new stuff that’s coming out! One such new release is MOMOLAND’s recent single, their first for 2020 and their first since ‘I’m So Hot’ in 2019 (which was released, well, nine months ago). If you’ve been following MOMOLAND for a while, you’ll know they faced a lot of hardships through the year, with two members (Yeonwoo and Taeha) leaving the group and Daisy STILL on hiatus… but that didn’t stop the girls.

With their new release, the girls come back to give their fans a big ‘thumbs up’ for the love and support, but is it really a thumbs up, or is it not even worth a thumb down?

MOMOLAND promoting Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

Rating: 4 out of 5.

From the slick horn riff to its deep, deep, deep synth opener featuring the sultriest of Hyebin’s vocals, “Thumbs Up” is a thumbs-up right from the start. My only qualm is with JooE and Ahin’s rap portion (which deserves to be done by Daisy, may her career RIP at this point). Despite that, the song is a slick deep-electro bop, opting to stray away from sounding TOO familiar to ‘Bboom Bboom’ and ‘BAAM’ (and is leagues better than ‘I’m So Hot’). While the song has its novelty-like feel, which guarantees Filipinos going ham for this kind of song, “Thumbs Up” is a wonderful addition to MOMOLAND’s slowly-growing discography. This comeback gets a thumbs up from me.

Thumbs Up (ENG Ver.)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Nothing different for this one except that it’s in English. The lyrics are good from transitioning Korean into English, and the girls have the best pronunciations, but the Korean version holds up way better in its catchiness and mesh with the instrumental of the song. You can pass on the English version, but if you want lyrics to better sing along to or understand the lyrics to, then “Thumbs Up (ENG Ver.)” is still a good choice.

Thumbs Up (S2 & SJ Remix Ver.)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The last track on the single gives ‘Thumbs Up’ a remix make-over. “Thumbs Up (S2 & SJ Remix Ver.)” is a remix made just for the club, giving it cowbells, darker synth beats and horns. The original melody is all but completely gone as the remix takes hold of the instrumental, keeping the flow of the vocals the same for the remix. It’s a fun track, but it just feels like the song is missing it’s better charming aspects, and the song feels less novelty and catchy. I wouldn’t give this a thumbs up, but I probably wouldn’t totally give it a thumb down.


MOMOLAND comes back with a vengeance! Well, just for its title track alone. The rest of the songs are just mere ‘other versions’ of its title track. That being said, “Thumbs Up” is a fun little ditty that I hope will continue to keep MOMOLAND on the map, especially because it’s such a catchy novelty track that I’m sure will get people going the same way ‘Bboom Bboom’ and ‘BAAM’ had done. I also hope Daisy comes back… but that’s another thing for another time.

Thumbs up, MOMOLAND, thumbs up.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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