single review: Perfume “Magic of Love”

I’ve been on a huge Perfume kick lately, and I’m not complaining! I have been a huge fan of Perfume for over 10 years, and I can’t recommend them enough to people. Today, I’ve come to really appreciate their music evolution over time, and it feels like I’ve grown to love them even more with everything they do.

For this particular post, I’m transporting myself back to 2013, when I was just a budding university student who, much like every Perfume fan, was anticipating for that next Perfume release and whether it held itself up to the quality that Perfume churns out every time. We’re taking a look at their single, ‘Magic of Love’, which didn’t quite make a huge mark on the charts but still cemented their influence over Japan. Is this single filled with magic to make fans new and old fall in love, or is this just not the right spell?

Perfume promoting Magic of Love

Magic of Love

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Magic of Love” is quintessential Perfume. Right off the bat, the song begins with their vocals layered on top of a looping, staccato-like electro beat filled to the brim with heavy-duty synth. This combo transforms into what is almost like a bubblegum-pop like confection in techno-pop form. This follows suit into a chorus filled with it, producing a catchy hook that magically enters the brain to give this sense of what love must feel like. With several twisty and turn-y instrumental breaks to distort the common tune, this track doesn’t feel linear and continues at warp speed with an even longer instrumental break that has even more distinct twinkles of beats quite like entering new rooms a la its music video. Ending on a strange distort, “Magic of Love” is a hyper-active bop that feels a slight more toned down than their previous efforts, but it still manages to have the magic that Perfume has sprinkled all over Japan.

Handy Man

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Now here is what we’re talking about!

Handy Man” is the far superior track on the single, with Perfume transforming their usual space-like electronic dance music for an all-out worldly dance track, taking influence from the many songs of India and the Middle East. While it begins like your usual booming dance tune, what follows is an onslaught of beats topped with a near-Bollywood-like melody or even that of “Beware of the Boys”. The instrumental pulses throughout, giving the song a life of its own. If “Magic of Love” is quintessential Perfume, “Handy Man” is Perfume at their most surprising, delivering a track that is not the most familiar, and delivering it well, I might add (their vocals are not incredibly Auto-Tuned as they once were). It’s a hypnotizing track, and it’s quite a handy trick for their fans, if you catch my drift.


Another great single from Perfume, ‘Magic of Love’ certainly has that special sprinkle of fairy dust to certainly make fans like myself fall in love all over again, but it also has the power to really bring in new fans! “Magic of Love” in itself is a great Perfume track, guaranteed to make you happy and has the synth you’ve really come to expect from their music. However, I have to give it to “Handy Man” for really blowing my expectations out of the water. I remember listening to it for the first time on a Las Vegas trip and was simply astounded. It was on repeat for the remainder of the trip. There really is magic, and it’s here.

MUST-LISTEN: Handy Man, Magic of Love

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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