single review: Koda Kumi “Birthday Eve”

As you might have already noticed, I’ll be doing the twelve singles for the entirety of the next two weeks! Each day, I’ll review the next single on the list, and hopefully, I will get to review the album that compiles all singles (and then some), BEST ~second session~!

Since this is the second day, we’ll take a look at the second single of the batch. Titled ‘Birthday Eve’, Kumi takes on the bubblegum-pop genre in J-pop, going for a cutesy pastel-theme in its music video. Also associated with the pop image is America, which Kuu so graciously (bless us) presents to us in the single’s cover art. Is this single the right song to prepare you for your next birthday, or is it just stale cake? Read on!

Birthday Eve
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Koda Kumi promoting Birthday Eve

Birthday Eve

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sure enough, my wishes came true! Following “you” is “Birthday Eve“. While it is the ONLY song on the single, it is just this one song alone that made this project for me all the more better. “Birthday Eve” is a joyous bubblegum-pop track with an infectious funk beat topped with trumpets, twinkles, and sugary sweet dance beats in its background. They make themselves known in the verses, but it isn’t until the chorus that they all join together for a raucous display of happiness as an emotion. This is a fabulous song, and it suits the color pink altogether. It is meant to display the kind of joy that comes before your birthday because it is full of happy hopes and dreams, and it is perfectly done. Kuu’s cutesy vocals aren’t over-the-top, and she sings this with such pleasure. It’s a great ‘birthday eve’ song, one that I’ll be playing on the 16th of February every year!


A fantastic follow-up to the first single of the series, I cannot recommend this enough! ‘Birthday Eve’ alone is a fabulously fun track, and filled with so much joy; it makes me so happy. From this point forward, back in 2005, I had a lot of expectations for the next singles because I wasn’t sure anything was going to top the joyful feel of this track. It’s a shame this wasn’t released on my birthday, because I would have had such a grand time. I would have even loved it on my own birthday eve…

MUST-LISTEN: Birthday Eve

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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