single review: Koda Kumi “Candy feat. Mr.Blistah”

Are you ready to be taken to the Middle East?

Number seven in the 12 Singles of Christmas series is ‘Candy feat. Mr.Blistah’, the second collaboration for the series overall. Here, Koda Kumi, ero-kakkoii songstress and legend, takes us on a magical carpet ride to Africa with the cover art for the single, and then drops us right off to the sultry sands of Egypt for its song. But is this a trip worth taking, or are we going to be begging for water to cool us down from uncomfortable disappointment?

Candy feat. Mr.Blistah
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Koda Kumi promoting Candy feat. Mr.Blistah

Candy feat. Mr.Blistah

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With its subtle snake-charmer opener, we are viciously thrust into the Middle East with “Candy feat. Mr.Blistah“, another collaborative effort from the series. Kuu again displays a remarkable power in sensuality with her vocal prowess, as it hypnotizes you into her bidding (and bedding, if you get my gist…). She hits every beat and makes sure it has the right amount of sexuality for listeners to enjoy. Its overall melody is entirely of the sands, with hints of sexy twangs and a heavy hip-hop beat to compliment. Normally, I’m not fond of an additional male rap in a song, but here, Mr.Blistah works really well with Kuu, giving the song a harder feel for several brief moments; especially at the end, when Blistah caps off the song with an ‘oh’. This is some sweet candy, and I want more.


Another grand addition to the series, ‘Candy feat. Mr.Blistah’ and its sweet sweet addictive sound continues to hold its magic over me 15 years later. It is THAT song. I cannot recommend it more.

I don’t really have much more to say; we’re seven in and we’ve got five more left! How will the other singles fare when it’s already so good?!

MUST-LISTEN: Candy feat. Mr.Blistah

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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