single review: Koda Kumi “No Regret”

At number eight is Kuu’s next foray into anime!

Tying itself in with the anime, Ueki no Housoku (or otherwise known as The Law of Ueki), as an opening, Kuu takes this project into another unique direction. Here, the concept art is that of Persia, wearing a Persian garment with fierceness. Musically, the song has the exact feel of what you may hear in anime music, though with some slight differences. Is this worthy of its status as an opener, or is this song never to be found on top anisong lists all over YouTube?

No Regret / Rain (Unplugged Version)
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Koda Kumi promoting No Regret

No Regret

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We are immediately zoomed into the track, “No Regret“, with synth before we are then thrown into what feels almost like super-heroine music. With English background vocalists to compliment Kuu’s powerful singing, the song almost feels like an anthem. It hits with every needed note, joined by an array of string instruments. Towards the end, there is a slick and very brief interlude that kicks the song into high gear, and by the end, the strings and twangs of sound join in harmony to make sure this song is etched in your mind with chill. This feels very Charlie’s Angels; the fierce power of the female hero. In great Koda Kumi fashion, her husky, sensual vocals make this uniquely her own.

Initially I was not fond of this track when it came out, but I have grown to appreciate it for how unlike it is to her already hefty song catalogue. It’s definitely a grower, and I feel like getting up and kicking things with no regret.

Rain (Unplugged Version)

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

This single is also one of the only singles to have a B-side; this one is “Rain (Unplugged Version)“, a live but acoustic version of a ballad already in her music discography. It is a snoozer (and goes on for too long, honestly); not a song I’ll be listening to at any given point in time apart from now. Her vocals are fantastic here, as she delivers the song with such emotion… not something I would doubt from Miss Kumi. However, the original song itself is not all that interesting, and the unplugged version… I’m just not even giving the time of day. Was there no time for another song perhaps? I’ll just let it rain, I guess.


This single would have gotten higher stars if it wasn’t for that B-side!

Anyway, listen to “No Regret” only and you will not regret it one bit. It’s a fantastic song, and it definitely has the anime opening feel to it. It’s certainly NOT one of her well-known anime songs (you’ll probably never find it on a top list or any other video, for that matter), and it pales in comparison to the likes of “Cutie Honey” BUT it’s still a formidable track, and it is a worthy entry in this series.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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