single review: Koda Kumi “Ima Sugu Hoshii”

I’m going to go against the grain here and say upfront already: this is my favorite of the twelve. Nine singles in, and I’m already revealing it in the introduction? Why, touki, why?!

Because I’m going to gush in this review. That’s all I’m going to do. There really is no surprise here (if you follow my YouTube channel at ‘toukimeiki’, I have a video that shows why). So what makes this, out of all the twelve, where Kuu goes to a French ballet for her concept art theme, and Kuu goes downtown in what is uniquely the only ‘Kuu-does-a-cover’ single of the series, the BEST? I mean… did I put it that way? Read on!

Ima Sugu Hoshii
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Koda Kumi promoting Ima Sugu Hoshii

Ima Sugu Hoshii
I Want You Now

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am a big sucker for the not-so-subtle, not-so-innocent sex jams… partly because I love scandal (well, SCANDALOUS, but you know… or you don’t, lol). I love a good rile-them-up, ban-this-song, make-me-feel kinda thing, and this is just it.

Ima Sugu Hoshii” is one of the highest-ranking songs on a list of Koda Kumi tracks I have come to love in the span of time I’ve come to listen to her. It’s THAT part. It’s THAT, excuse my French, bitch. A cover of Japanese duo SUGAR SOUL’s same-titled track, “Ima Sugu Hoshii” is simple formula executed so nicely. Almost a slow jam, but more along the lines of a jazzy R&B sex tune a la “feel” with a little bit more oomph, all it takes is a sexy bass guitar to loop with some strings in the back layered with a steady drum beat to make a perfect song. Add in some fun flairs here and there, but you’re set. Then, there’s Kuu’s vocals! Wow. She just really sells sex here, oozes with it.

And then that rap?! Co-written with ZEEBRA, another Japanese rapper of the mid-2000s, it has sex on its mind and screams ‘I’m Koda Kumi and you better know we’re gonna do it’. What more do you want?!

A perfect song in my opinion. I want it now. I want it all the time.

Also, can we talk about this video?! Just watch it. It’s so funny, it’s so hot, it’s so good (there’s gay!). Slay me, Kuu.


I think I covered every base.

Listen to this single, watch its PV.

This is what I was waiting for in this series. Enough said.

(Also listen to the original! It’s just as good. It doesn’t have Kuu’s slapping rap, but it’s just such a great sex jam.)


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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