single review: Koda Kumi “WIND”

We are nearly done! Having gone through ten singles already, we now land at the eleventh single of the series (and if you haven’t already read the previous ten reviews, what are you doing?!). Titled ‘WIND’, this single takes Kuu into a more conventional J-pop territory, and her concept art goes for an Italian feel.

Let’s keep our question short and simple: is this wind a much-needed breeze from the last single or are we in for stormy weather?

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Koda Kumi promoting WIND


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Much like the wind that’s referenced in the song, “WIND” breezes itself in with a wind-like noise that kicks the song into high gear. Kuu joins in with a line of snaps, DJ-scratches, piano (that is consistently on the same note in staccato during verses), strings, and electric guitar. Instrumentally, there is a lot going on, but when altogether, the song’s melody becomes very J-pop in sound, a far cry from the urban-flavored jams that she released in the project (but certainly closest to ‘Birthday Eve’). Here, it feels bright, positive, and fun, almost like the approaching of spring. It’s a breezy tune that keeps its instrumental going, but it manages to keep its appeal. Kuu also sings wonderfully, and it doesn’t sound like she’s trying too hard to be cute or peppy. “WIND” is a great effort, and it works as a good J-pop song. Definitely a breeze I needed from ‘KAMEN’.


‘WIND’ is another great single from the series, and while it doesn’t hit as hard as some of the other songs in the series, I always find myself going back to this song, jamming along to it. It certainly has its effect as a J-pop song over me. I recommend this for the springtime, as it has that very breezy feel, living up to its namesake. It’s also a great song to just jam along to on a sunny day.

A great change from the snore of ‘KAMEN’, ‘WIND’ has carried me back up the hill and now we proceed forward… to the 12th and final single of the series! So far, most of the singles have been four to five-star efforts, but will her last one follow suit, or is it going to end as a bomb? Let’s keep going!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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