single review: Perfume “Time Warp”

Perfume is back!

I repeat! This is not a drill!

Perfume returns with a brand-new single, their first new release in 2020, and the very first physical single in over 2 years. For Perfume fans, like myself, this is amazing. Coming off the heels of a best-album tour and even taking part in Coachella, of all things, Perfume is taking Japan and the world by storm, and now they may just cure 2020 with their 31st single.

Titled “Time Warp“, the girls take us back in time with this new release, but is this time warp going to malfunction on us at all? Find out by reading on!

Time Warp
Released: 2020/09/16

Time Warp

Perfume promoting Time Warp

Time Warp

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have no words.

Time Warp” is a fantastic song! A return to form, but still fresh! This is like if Kyary’s ‘Todoke Punch’ was rearranged, taken apart, and turned into a song just for Perfume. To start, there’s the really catchy looping synth that brings us in before we’re thrown into what feels like Nakata tackling an 80s synth-pop beat. It’s super speedy, but it never loses its momentum, even until we hit the bridge. Here is where the beat steadily slows but it keeps the fun going when it hits the chorus. It’s a joyous-sounding song, and it just has so much nostalgia to it (appropriate for a time warp). Not that I have ever been truly disappointed by any Perfume songs, but this one does NOT disappoint whatsoever. Warp me through time Perfume. How I’ve missed you three!


Translation: Playback

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Ending off the single is previously-released “Saisei“, which had a movie tie-in back in 2019… and it still sounds just as fresh as when I heard it! Though it doesn’t have the grand feel that I had listening to ‘Time Warp’, this song is wonderfully crafted. Nakata does wonders with incorporating pianos into his electronic music, merging heavy guitar, loud synths, and hard-hitting drum beats, all while maintaining a sweet melody behind it. This track has a familiarity to it, as it sounds quintessential Perfume, and I always find myself drawn to its sound when it comes up on shuffle. It’s a great song and makes you want to sing along. Gotta say it, but: Play this back for me, Alexa.


Awesome single from start to finish, and while I admit that there’s a lot of love for Perfume on my end, this single stunned me from the very moment I played the first song. I love it. Cannot recommend the “Time Warp” single enough. “Time Warp” is fantastic, no other way to put it. “Saisei” still holds up so nicely. Great songs. Well done, Perfume. Keep taking us back in time.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

MUST-LISTEN: Time Warp, 再生

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