mini-album review: EVERGLOW “-77.82X-78.29”

EVERGLOW has returned!

Popular with international fans, EVERGLOW comes back with their second mini-album and their second release of 2020. The girls return to the girl-crush concept, but here, it looks like they’re taking on a very futuristic, very ‘drive-in-the-night’ concept. They’re slaying the hardcore game with the darker visuals and the wicked latex outfits. That being said, is this release’s coordinates going to send us into the future with edge or are we going to be transported to boredom? Let’s visit their new mini!

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

LA DI DA” is the title track and boy, do we have a FANTASTIC track here. The teasers did this song complete justice, giving us everything we were expecting and more. With its phenomenal line distribution that no longer has Mia doing all of the singing, and its incredible hyper-drive 80s-synth instrumental, ‘LA DI DA’ is a track that is meant for the future but also takes us back in time. The rap portions are accompanied by a change in melody but that 80s feel is still there, and it feels tough (in a good way, of course). Claps, shouts, and interspersed anthem-like background vocals join in to give this song an edge. It feels like we’re in an anime. It feels like we’re going for a drive through the night. It feels like we’re at the right coordinates and we’re singing la di da as we travel through.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

EVERGLOW keeps the high going with “UNTOUCHABLE“, a sexy and synthy track that has quite the catch. Upon that first synth beat, we feel the sensuality hit with the girls’ sultry vocals before we’re thrust into the chorus that keeps that hard-hitting synth going. With the wee-ohs and wee-ahs, we’re head-bopping to that constant beat. The song does feel a little filler, as it tends to wane as it goes along. That being said, the track is still a fun teeny jam, and one that portrays EVERGLOW as truly untouchable, as it’s a song that gives them some edge. I’ll likely touch this track every now and then.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

GxxD BOY” is where it’s at! This track has a familiar vibe, opting to go for a very Red Velvet ‘Sassy Me’, merging with a G-DRAGON x Taeyang ‘GOOD BOY’ concept. It’s very hip-hop, but still manages to sound like a pop song. With the whistles of instruments, topped with hard-hitting snaps over a heavy bass, following into an array of claps with some trap involved, ‘GxxD BOY’ is the edgier track of the album. Its chorus is perhaps the catchiest part, as it MUST be the good good. I find myself continuously getting into the hard vibe of the song… I must be a good boy for EVERGLOW.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ending the mini is “NO GOOD REASON“, which is mellower in sound compared to the last three. However, this track is just as awesome. Opting to go for a hopeful vibe, with its house-like synth that gets meshed in with hard hits of noise, as well as the girls’ chorus of ‘yeahs’, this song feels fresh and airy, still maintaining that futuristic tone. ‘NO GOOD REASON’, upon a few more listens as I continue looping the album, is perhaps my favorite song on the mini-album, as it just feels really powerful despite how low in sound it is. There’s really no good reason to dislike this song, and really, no good reason to dislike EVERGLOW.


WHAT A MINI-ALBUM. I want more!

Three of the tracks on this album received 5 stars… that really says a lot! Those three are worthy of non-stop replay value, and since I’ve been such a huge fan of synth, 80s, and futuristic electronica, it just really makes sense why I love them. I will say, I was disappointed that ‘UNTOUCHABLE’ was my least-favorite of the mini as it was the one I had more hopes for (just goes to show, you shouldn’t put high expectations). That being said, this is now my favorite release from EVERGLOW, and I cannot wait for more. Those were undoubtedly the right coordinates. I can’t wait for the future in which EVERGLOW rules the K-pop scene.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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