single review: Aikawa Nanase “Owarinai Yume”

Third up in the InuYasha song review series is Aikawa Nanase’s ‘Owarinai Yume’. With its tie-in as the third opening song, we’ll be transported in hyper-speed with the song’s harder rock sound.

Known for her heavy rock vibes and her unique vocal, Aikawa Nanase may deliver just as well as hitomi did for InuYasha’s second opening. This does make me wonder… is this endless dream worth traveling through, or is this more of a nightmare that I need to wake myself up from?

Owarinai Yume / Cryin’ in the rain / DO IT!!
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Romanization: Owarinai Yume
Translation: Endless Dream

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Owarinai Yume“, the title track, and the third opening song for InuYasha, is wickedly fun. Kicking right into a riff at the beginning, blends of bass, electric guitar, drums, meshed with some cool electro noises, the momentum of the speed and uptempo that the InuYasha openings have is kept going with this track, and it just feels so good. It’s noticeably a lot harder than previous opening ‘I am’, and with Nanase’s unique rock vocal, it just feels like such a fun listen; it’s meant for a shounen, as it revs you up. There’s a certain power to her voice that is there in the chorus, and with the robotic instrumental that feels so 00s, there’s a nostalgic value here. If this is an endless dream, don’t wake me up.

Oddly enough, there IS a PV for this song, which you can view below, but be warned, it is in low quality and is subbed:

Cryin’ in the rain

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Cryin’ in the rain” is different than its predecessor, opting to go for a more subdued sound. With the strange distorted instrumental in the background, topped with strings and bass for good measure, it definitely has the early 00s grunge aesthetic that the 90s left behind. Nanase’s vocals are fine in this song, but there’s a slight grating feeling when she hits the chorus, which has a little bit more power compared to the remainder of the song. It is definitely a track that goes for a haunting vibe, and if I had to compare it, it would be similar to a Shiina Ringo song. In this case, it doesn’t quite hit the mark, but if I’m cryin’ in the rain, I might find myself turning to this song.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

DO IT!!” is totally what I was expecting! Immediately following a few robotic sounds, we’re thrown into a full-blown hard-rock jam, with electric guitars, bass, and hyper synth merging together to complement Nanase’s vocal. This track has all the stylings of a badass female-vocalist rock jam, with background vocalists giving her vocal some oomph over the powerful melody, and she delivers in the chorus with power. This has more energy than the prior two songs, and it feels like if this was played live, you’d be jamming along, or at least headbanging. While I’m not completely drawn in, ‘DO IT!!’ just might make me do it and listen on repeat to enjoy this more and more.


While not a great single, Aikawa Nanase delivers some power in all three, and it shows greatly in ‘Owarinai Yume’ and ‘DO IT!!’. ‘Owarinai Yume’, in particular, delivers on all fronts, showing its effectiveness as both an Aikawa Nanase starter track and as an InuYasha opening. I can’t totally recommend this single as the B-sides don’t really offer much in terms of listening value (though ‘DO IT!!’ may or may not get there with a few more listens); that being said, I think this is still worth checking out. Endless dream, probably not, but ‘Owarinai Yume’ is still worth dreaming for.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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