single review: Every Little Thing “Grip!”

Today we’re taking a look at the fourth song from the InuYasha series, ‘Grip!’. It is the fourth opening song of the first series.

Performed by popular avex duo Every Little Thing, who has a very traditional J-pop sound, ‘Grip!’ keeps things upbeat for the InuYasha series. Featuring the A-side and one B-side song, ‘Grip!’ may potentially be a single that gets you in its grasp, but is the single overall a grip worth reciprocating or is it something to loosen yourself out of?

Grip! / Yura Yura
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Grip!” keeps the upbeat momentum but goes for a more pop sound than ‘Owarinai Yume’. Incorporating hard rock elements like electric guitar and hard drums throughout, blending in with the twinkles of piano in a staccato effect, ‘Grip!’ possesses a hopeful vibe, much like ‘I am’. With vocalist Mochida Kaori and her unique vocal giving each portion of the song vocal power, the song has the feeling of pushing you forward with the wind. It perfectly matches the tone needed for a series like InuYasha. There’s also a really awesome instrumental break to boot partway through. Heavy and powerful in sound, but light and breezy in feel, this track has me in its grips throughout.


Romanization: Yura Yura
Translation: Wavering

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Yura Yura” is the single’s B-side and is a fun little summer-like pop-rock song that has elements to it that are incredibly early 00s J-pop. Kicking into the song is an array of string and synth noise followed by electric guitars to accentuate its breezy summer feel. It almost feels like a track that J-pop band day after tomorrow would perform, as well. It’s a very safe song, as it doesn’t quite possess the power that ‘Grip!’ has but it is certainly one to listen to on a nice bike ride or drive. Like the fluttering of wind, ‘Yura Yura’ has me in wavering spirit.


A great single from Every Little Thing!

‘Grip!’ also happens to be one of my favorite anime songs as it always fills me with such hope, and for a little 13/14-year-old me, there was so much on the horizon. What good times (2020 just cannot compare). The single itself is great, though ‘Yura Yura’ is suited to just few listens. I do think this single is worth a try and you may find yourself gripped to the breezy feeling of each track.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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