single review: Tackey & Tsubasa “One Day, One Dream”

Next up is Johnny’s duo Tackey & Tsubasa with their single ‘One Day, One Dream’, tying in to the InuYasha anime series as the fifth opening. Tackey & Tsubasa are the second Johnny’s-associated group to tackle the series, and here, they go for a more pop-rock sound as opposed to V6’s J-pop sound of ‘CHANGE THE WORLD’.

With ‘One Day, One Dream’, they keep up the momentum, but is this single going to be as bright as day, as serene as a dream, or is it going to be a dark nightmare we must get ourselves out of? Read on…

One Day, One Dream / DEEP into BLUE / Aru ga Mama / Ai Sekai / One Day, One Dream ~TAKIZAWA PART VERSION~ / One Day, One Dream ~TSUBASA PART VERSION~
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One Day, One Dream

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Is it weird that I haven’t actually heard this in full until now? “One Day, One Dream” is as mentioned the fifth of the InuYasha openings, and it begins very slowly. Initially, I thought it was going to be a very feudal-Japan influenced ballad, but it kicks into high gear with electric guitar and drums to move along like a drive through the wind (notice a theme with InuYasha openings, here?). While it is much lower in tempo than the previous openings, it still keeps the run going, with strings, guitars, and drums going in full motion as the boys sing along. This is actually a very cool track, and one I didn’t give much credit when I was listening to InuYasha songs. I actually think this might be one of my favorite Johnny’s tracks… it has a nice catch to it. I’ll probably be listening to this on more than just one day and for one dream.


Sung by: 今井翼 (Imai Tsubasa)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

DEEP into BLUE” is the first of the B-sides, and is the first of the two solo tracks on the single. Sung by Tsubasa, ‘DEEP into BLUE’ goes for a harder rock sound with its use of electric guitar and hard drums, though it lacks power. That being said, it has a fun pop-rock sound that has you bopping your head slightly to it. It definitely has a B-side feel to it, but to say it’s a bad song is incorrect. It’s got a positive vibe to it, and it feels very summer. I might not fall deep into the blue for this, but I like it.


Sung by: 滝沢秀明 (Takizawa Hideaki)
Romanization: Aru ga Mama
Translation: As It Is

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Aru ga Mama” is the second B-side and the last of the solo songs on the single. Sung by Tackey, this track opts to go for a slightly more dance-pop sound in contrast to Tsubasa’s solo. Right from the start, we’re thrust into a twinkly instrumental that is very reminiscent to pop songs of its time, but still incorporates electric guitar to give it power. The piano overlays are very 00s J-pop, and it goes right into its chorus with gusto. It is generic in sound, but it still sounds pretty nice. As it is, I like it, though, I might not be listening to this one very often.


Romanization: Ai Sekai
Translation: Love World

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Ai Sekai” is the last of the B-sides and only appears on the regular edition of the single. It kicks off with some fierce strings before going into a flamenco-like mode, where things go from 0 to 100. Abruptly, we’re tekn back down in verses before it starts to build up, almost like we’re taken on a thrill ride. ‘Ai Sekai’ has a very dark, very haunting melody that feels like it belongs on a vampire anime series. The instrumental contains some nice string and guitar elements to blend really nicely. That being said, I’m not a particular fan of the song. It doesn’t have any catch to it that would get me going. I like its tone, but as a world, I can’t say I love it.


Not sure why I’m including this here but the final tracks of the limited edition of the single are solo parts of the title track, “One Day, One Dream ~TAKIZAWA PART VERSION~” and “One Day, One Dream ~TSUBASA PART VERSION~“. Both tracks are really nothing special and each version just feels like it’s missing something to give the song its oomph (that being the other vocal, lol). So… each part just feels incomplete. As such, I’m not going to include each song as a rating.


This isn’t my favorite single of the InuYasha series, but there are some things to really appreciate about this! The title track, for one, is a surprise! I’ll be completely honest, I never got around to really listen to it in full, but I think of it as a formidable opener.

The rest of the tracks on the single wane in comparison as each song comes on, eventually ending the single on a really meh note. That being said, I think after a few more listens, I might really appreciate Tackey & Tsubasa’s efforts for the rest of the songs. However, I can’t say I really recommend this single. If you’re a Johnny’s fan, then props to you! I, unfortunately, will pass for now… or it may take one day, one dream for me to really like this.

MUST-LISTEN: One Day, One Dream

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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