single review: Brave Girls “We Ride”

You must know about Brave Girls now! If you haven’t already read my last review, you should check it out, but remember when I mentioned how Brave Girls had been receiving some hot attention lately? Well… it looks like that attention has skyrocketed them to incredible fame, going so far as to reach records and win their first ever music show trophy (with many more wins incoming).

I decided to take things up a notch with the reviews and put the artist spotlight on Brave Girls for the next few reviews, and there’s no other review to make than “We Ride”, the most recent comeback from the girls prior to the success of “Rollin’”. Being that this was their last effort before they made discussions about disbanding prior to their rise in fame, “We Ride” did not fare well on the charts initially but is now seeing a #WeRise of sorts. Following up after “Rollin’”, is this single worth the ride into Brave Girls’ discography, or are they simple just driving as a one-hit wonder? Read on!

We Ride

Brave Girls promoting We Ride
We Ride was released on 2020/08/14.

운전만해 (We Ride)

We Ride
Romanization: Unjeonmanhae (We Ride)
Translation: Just Drive (We Ride)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With the twinkle of synth, we ride (get it?) off into city-pop territory. Now, if you’re not familiar with city-pop, it’s a genre that recently faced resurgence through the likes of vaporwave and future funk. It is crafted with influence of almost disco-like night-life vibes of Japanese pop music that took hold in the 80s, with an colorful retro-electro aesthetic to follow suit.

It shines so brightly in “We Ride“, which is a showcase of Brave Girls’ musical range. Vocally, every member has a certain color to their voice, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is forcing their vocal or overshadowing each other. Their vocals compliment the melody of the song so well, with its composition a little toned down but still managing to capture the funky vibe of its city-pop nature. The hints of synth in the background topped with some 8-bit noise to give it a bit of an electropop edge. Small adlibs in between, beautiful vocalizations from each member, and a low-tone vocal break delivered from Yuna make this song more than just a foray into city-pop.

“We Ride” itself was meant to be Brave Girls’ final release, with its lyrics suggesting a strained and stagnant relationship with their lover that could very well have its own meaning to their current rise from ‘nugudom’. Even the music video itself is one that holds its own, showcasing the girls in various CFs that very well could be coming for them now, as well as shots of performance that has them winning a music show that alas has come to them with “Rollin’” and its success. There is a sentimental feel to this otherwise uplifting jam, and frankly, I could just drive to this all day – yet for the girls themselves, I don’t think they need to worry about just driving disappointed anymore… ride this success, girls.


I’m still so excited and proud to be a FEARLESS, especially because I’ve been with them since their debut in 2011! Of course, this is the 4-member group featuring only second generation, but I’ve followed them consistently and everything they have feels fresh. I’m glad they’re seeing the fruits of their labor and that it was honestly… about time!

“We Ride” itself is a true testament to their capabilities as a girl group, having taken on a new sound that most girl groups haven’t tried, since it has been girl crush central 2016 onward, lol. It’s a lovely concept, one that has so much sentimental meaning behind it. It’s one that fills even myself with emotion – just seeing how hard the girls worked, to even craft a comeback for 2020 and still maintain their status as a girl group (let alone one from the second generation of K-pop). I’m very happy “We Ride” is also getting attention, because it is worth the drive.

MUST-LISTEN: 운전만해 (We Ride)

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