single review: Brave Girls “Deepened”

Up next on the artist spotlight for Brave Girls is the under-the-radar single “Byeonhaesseo”, otherwise known as “Deepened“. Before they were rollin’ up the charts and ridin’ the waves of fame, the four current Brave Girls were part of the seven-member line-up in 2016, having been introduced alongside Hayun as the second generation of the group. With original members Yoojin and Hyeran by their side, the group revamped themselves following a long hiatus.

“Deepened” is definitely Brave Sound in nature, but with its melancholic tone and R&B-like feel, is this track worth your love or do you deserve better? Let’s take a look!


Brave Girls promoting Deepened
Deepened was released on 2016/02/16.


Romanization: Byeonhaesseo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Let’s talk “Deepened“, the melancholic heartbreak song that will have you feeling like you’ve deserved better all your life and now it’s in your head rent-free. Yes, “Deepened” is five-star material. Let’s break it down.

With a raspy vocal intro from original member Yoojin, the song gets its groove going with a funky guitar topped with a hip-hop drum beat merged with background stock vocals to give it an ethereal-like vibe that all mesh together with a sombre piano melody, and thus, “Deepened” flows with this mish-mash of sounds that all sound like they belong together. What’s interesting is that the strange mix doesn’t overshadow the vocals of any of the girls, with five of the girls (four of whom are now in the spotlight) being completely new to the group. Each girl has a line, some small, some long, but they deliver vocally, especially Minyoung, whose stellar vocals echo that of original member’s Eunyoung.

Yet, it’s at the 1:35 mark where the song takes a turn for the better in the form of a incredible fire rap from Hyeran, putting all the women of Unpretty Rapstar to shame (hell, can Jessi even compare to what was delivered here?). Hyeran’s rap is perhaps the real highlight of the track, as it comes from left-field and even though it distorts part-way through, she never lets up and keeps hitting us with every punch. That, my friends, is a rap.

“Deepened” is a track worth revisiting if you’ve gotten into the Brave Girls craze, and it is bound to have you thirsty for their love. And hell, even squatting, too.


A bop. Seriously! Why hadn’t Brave Girls reached fame after this song? It just feels so fresh, and so different from a lot of the songs that came out during its time. “Deepened” has this throwback-like R&B vibe that also feels so hard-hitting, it’s a shame that it didn’t propel them further. Hyeran easily should have gone to Unpretty Rapstar following that rap; alas, we’re here now and we can appreciate “Deepened” for what it is: one of Brave Girls’ best, and perhaps, one of the better releases of 2016. Be careful you don’t fall too deep into this one, lol.


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