single review: Brave Girls “Yoo Hoo”

Next up on the Brave Girls spotlight is a song that many people don’t actually know is part of their discography, hidden amongst their more recent releases. That song is “Yoo Hoo“, a summer jam that will have you thinking back to the fond days of when SISTAR and AOA ruled the charts as ‘summer queens’. Brave Girls, on the heels of their rolling success with “Rollin’”, has declared that they would like to be the next ‘summer queens’ to rule the charts, having already made waves with the almost-summery-like tracks “Rollin’” and “We Ride”.

“Yoo Hoo” might just be a precursor to the kinds of full-on summer tunes that Brave Girls will be releasing come the next few months, but is “Yoo Hoo” a knock-out track worth yoo-hooing too, or is it too cold for us to take a dip? Read on!

Yoo Hoo

Brave Girls promoting Yoo Hoo
Yoo Hoo was released on 2016/09/01.

유후 (우린 아직 여름)

Yoo Hoo
Romanization: Yoo Hoo (Urin Ajik Yeoreum)
Translation: Yoo Hoo (We’re Still in Summer)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Brave Girls, you do it to me all the time, but this one’s another BOP!

Yoo Hoo” is a crafty little summer jam that playfully takes advantage of its release date – I didn’t mention this earlier, but this single was released right at the END of what is conventionally the summer months – smack-dab on September 1st. Its title is a charming way to indicate this, and with this track being created the way it is, it is meant to bring you back and remind you that it’s STILL summer (at least for a few more days).

I know I’m reviewing this in SPRING, but I’m craving summer already, and with 2020’s summer being relatively shut-in, I’m hoping that Brave Girls can lead us into a fun summer 2021… “Yoo Hoo” is just an example. It is a song that follows a similarly fun melody to that of “High Heels”, with it being composed by their CEO, Brave Brothers. Its format is that of every AOA track produced by the man himself, opting for a horn-filled drumbeat with tinges of funky guitar to give it the catchiness it needs. It is an infectious earworm, with its introductory line being stuck in your head for ages, even as it is incorporated into its chorus. Vocally, the girls sound as fantastic and talented as ever, with a subdued rap from Hyeran, to Yujeong getting a lot more lines, to Hayun sounding as sultry as ever, and more. “Yoo Hoo” is a fun little ditty that will have you swaying left and right, and its catchiness doesn’t seem to fade away upon repeat listens. It’ll have you going Yoo Hoo!


Again, a bop.

I can’t fathom enough how so many people have missed out on such great songs, and I have to really attribute it to (perhaps) poor management and just really flying under the radar. Had this track been produced for AOA or even SISTAR or even any other relatively popular group than Brave Girls, it would have been a hit. Of course, that’s all in the past and now more people are finding potential hits in Brave Girls’ discography.

If this is any indication of what Brave Girls and Brave Brothers can come up with for the summer, even if it wasn’t technically a “summer track”, then I am all kinds of excited for what’s next in 2021. Best of luck, Brave Girls!

MUST-LISTEN: 유후 (우린 아직 여름)

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