single review: Perfume “One Room Disco”

Since Perfume has made a stellar comeback with their “Polygon Wave EP” release just only days prior, I’ve gotten into a huge Perfume kick. It’s here that I realized I haven’t actually finished a lot of my Perfume reviews! And as a treat for my return to blogging after a few months, I decided to return to taking a look at their releases.

First up is the final single for their Triangle album, “One Room Disco“. Having already reviewed two of the three singles for their second album, I believe it’s high time we take a look into this release, which takes listeners into the journey of living independently, usually in places known as ‘one-rooms’ in Japan. It’s an interesting concept that takes a left-field from the more futuristic efforts the girls had released prior. However, will the foray into more pop and more present territory fare well for this disco, or is there not enough room for this ‘one-room’ to disco?

Released: 2009/03/25

One Room Disco

Perfume promoting One Room Disco


One Room Disco

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In this new place, will I be OK?

One Room Disco” is a frantic, hot mess… or so you think. Its gag intro can be attributed to Nakata Yasutaka, the trio’s producer, experimenting with new instruments he’s found, but that intro itself doesn’t detract from what essentially is a cutesy pop song – and I love it.

“One Room Disco” is actually my all-time favorite Perfume song, and that’s due to its incredibly catchy hook, its more subdued electronica sound that takes on a positive, upbeat melody without having to turn up the bass, and its sequence of musical elements that will have you going “wow, this shouldn’t add up but it does”. “One Room Disco” might not be ‘disco’ as its name implies, but it certainly has that vibe that will have you dancing all night. Its lyrics are also incredibly wholesome, even relatable. It’s not excessive on its bubblegum melody, and it is one that will have you attempting Perfume’s incredibly precise, but simple dance moves.

If you told me I had five minutes to live, then I’d definitely be going to the one-room di-su-ko, di-su-ko.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

How long do we have to stay together until we can be one?

23:30” is the B-side to the single, and it is a stark contrast to the frantic, yet jovial pop melody of its companion A-side – its instrumental is relaxed, opting for what almost seems designed to be a ‘drive-along’ song. Featuring a blend of actual drums and a layered set of synth tones that range from twinkly to lowered, “23:30” is a calming yet melancholic track; it’s lyrics speak of the passing of time in regards to love, referring to the hour of 11:30pm (in military time, of course). The interpretation of the lyrics seem to lean towards a never-changing unrequited love, a theme I know all too well.

I don’t find myself craving for a listen of this particular song when it comes to listening to Perfume’s catalog, but it certainly is a well-crafted song that’s guaranteed to have you feeling like you’re in the air at night, you’re asleep, you’re driving at night, or doing anything at the wee hours of 23:30. And don’t we all like to stay up till 23:30 to enjoy our time?


All in all, this is a fantastic single from the girls.

“One Room Disco” remains to be my favorite song from the trio, and despite a part of it being a lot of nostalgia value (after all, this single is more than 10 years old, and that’s a lot of years gone passed), it still remains fresh, fun, wholesome, and just full of positivity that one needs to get through living independently. Isn’t that the important thing when it comes to moving out?

Additionally, its accompanying B-side, “23:30”, is quite the relaxing listen; I guarantee you it is one that is best listened to at night, perhaps at 23:30 (or 11:30pm)?

I’m giving the “One Room Disco” single a definite recommend; I can’t recommend you any potential one-rooms since I don’t live in Japan, but I can recommend that you play this single while you look… who knows? You might find something, and I certainly hope this song could help!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

MUST-LISTEN: ワンルーム・ディスコ

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