single review: Utada Hikaru “Kimi ni Muchuu”

The final single in the series is “Kimi ni Muchuu“, serving as another tie-in (Hikki and these tie-in’s…). This time, “Kimi ni Muchuu” is attached as a theme song to the J-drama ‘Saiai’, and the track sees Hikki pairing up one more time with well-known PC Music producer A.G. Cook (best known for his collaborations with Charli XCX, and previously working with Hikki for “One More Kiss”).

Opting for another more subdued tone, “Kimi ni Muchuu” is the lead single for ‘BAD Mode’, but will you be crazy for this lead-in song, or is Hikki crazy to think they could keep up with this new generation of sound? Let’s check it out!

Released: 2022/02/23

Kimi ni Muchuu

Utada Hikaru promoting Kimi ni Muchuu


Kimi ni Muchuu
Translation: Crazy for You

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kimi ni Muchuu“, otherwise translated in English to ‘Crazy for You’, is Hikki’s second collaborative effort with PC Music’s A. G. Cook, and for this track, both Hikki and A. G. take a more ballad-like approach to the song, incorporating a looping piano melody with a subtle synth beat that A. G. is known to have in his songs.

It’s definitely the slowest of the singles released thus far for ‘BAD Mode’, but it is effective in its execution – you can feel its melancholy through its simplistic instrumental matched with Hikki’s emotional and skillful vocal.

“Kimi ni Muchuu” is the weakest of the singles/prior releases also, but that’s not to say that it is a weak single. It’s still a beautiful track, one that is almost reminiscent of the tone they had in their ‘ULTRA BLUE’ era, and maybe it might be that I’m crazy about Hikki’s songs, but “Kimi ni Muchuu” is worthy of a few good listens.


This single/song, “Kimi ni Muchuu“, gets a recommend from me!

It’s a great lead-in single, and one that indicates we really are heading in a particular direction, as it follows a pattern of melancholy and subdued instrumental that many of their prior releases have. To add on to that, it is a great direction for A. G. Cook, especially when you listen to his prior releases with PC Music… they are far from what he’s doing with Hikki here.

Who knows… you might be crazy for this track!


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