single review: hitomi “INNER CHILD”

I’ll be doing another series following my ‘BAD Mode’ set, and this time, I’ll be focusing on a singer that most people may only know through an anime series known as InuYasha: hitomi. I previously did a review on the single attached to it here (known as “I am / innocence”), but today, I’ll be focusing on another single!

The first of four singles released for her critically-acclaimed and well-sold album, ‘huma-rhythm’, hitomi’s single “INNER CHILD” shows the makings of new themes and styles that she had been experimenting with in prior albums like ‘thermo plastic’ and ‘LOVE LIFE’.

As the first of the four, is this single able to take its listener to their childhood within them, or is the door shut on that inner child? We’ll have to see!

Released: 2001/04/18

Fighting Girl


Rating: 5 out of 5.

A twinkling intro, complete with a whoosh of an orchestra instrumental following suit, filled with strings, guitar, drums, and other assorted instruments that then proceed to make up the entirety of the song… “INNER CHILD” is a song filled with power.

It has the makings of a beautiful inspirational Japanese pop track of the early 00s, where artists like Hamasaki Ayumi and Utada Hikaru were finding ways to make Japan weep to their knees in deep lyrics; hitomi was no different, but her songs, such as this one, always seem to have such a positive and hopeful undertone to them that, rather than cry, you feel a sense to persevere. That’s the instrumental, alone. Never mind that hitomi has the unique vocal to really deliver the song and drive it home. She might not have the amazing vocals of her peers, but this just really feels suited for her.

With its themes of growing up and facing struggle with a partner, “INNER CHILD” is a song that makes you look back and within.

Fighting Girl

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If you wanted something that definitely screams its time period, look no further than “Fighting Girl“.

Containing a quirky early 00s-style introduction that is reminiscent of the many alt-pop songs flooded in that era, “Fighting Girl” is a pop-rock song that is heavy on the electric guitar and synth but has a summery air to it that makes it a positive drive-like jam. Distortion of vocals play at bits and pieces through the song to give it a bit of an edge, and hitomi’s vocals are also amplified, almost like she’s singing through a megaphone. It’s strange, but it doesn’t hinder it in any way.. “Fighting Girl” is a fun rock-out tune, one that I find myself going back to if I want to feel some type of way.

It’s a great track, and definitely suitable for an oncoming summer – and it’ll likely turn you into a fighting girl with its heavy vibe.


A wonderful first single to the ‘huma-rhythm’ era, “INNER CHILD” sees hitomi making us think with its messages, all while still keeping us in tune with its hopeful and inspiring orchestra instrumental. As if that’s not enough, hitomi then gives us a rock-out jam to drive home that she’s no longer the TK-like musical act her earlier singles have made her out to be – she’s ready to be a fighting girl.

I give this one a definite recommend. It is a fantastic single, and I cannot wait to hear if the rest of the singles in the era fare this way.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


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