mini-album review: Brave Girls “THANK YOU”

Well, Fearless, we’re back at another comeback from the girls!

Brave Girls returns to the K-pop scene with a new mini-album, and this time, the girls take on a retro disco concept that will have you screaming ‘2nd-generation vibes’. Titled “THANK YOU“, Brave Girls aims this comeback right to the heart of their success, the fans, otherwise known as Fearless.

Continuing in a release series (starting with “We Ride”) that will probably have you getting sentimental, Brave Girls wants to thank you (and me, and us) for everything; but will the fans respond back positively? Or will we be thankful we don’t have to listen to this mini-album after its first try? Let’s take a look…

Released: 2022/03/14

Thank You
You and I
Love Is Gone
Can I Love You
Thank You (remix)

Brave Girls promoting THANK YOU

Thank You

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Thank You”, Brave Girls.

You never disappoint.

Let’s break it down. “Thank You” is a fantastic track, one that actually surpassed my expectations upon release. I was initially worried that the song would have a hook that was not catchy, based on its teasers, but I was pleasantly proven wrong. In fact, most aspects of the track has such a charm – it is a love letter to both the fans and to the era it’s inspired by; a disco and funk infusion that will have you grooving in your seat, thanking the girls for another fantastic comeback.

My only qualm is that it feels so short – running at 3:15, it should feel like your normal dance track, but it seems it disappears too quickly. With that said, however, it’s peanuts to how lovingly crafted this grateful song is… thank you Brave Brothers, and thank you Brave Girls.

우리끼리 (You and I)

You and I
Romanization: Urikkiri (You and I)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“You and I” is THAT girl.

I absolutely adore this track, even with its typical tropical-like concept. Sure, they’ve tried it with “Rollin’”, but one can never get too tired of rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ into a sexy tropical tune.

You and I” is a whistly pop tune that’s interlaced with a slick bass-and-synth beat that will have you bopping in your chair or whatever other spot you’re on. It’s quite infectious in sound, especially with its looped sampling of a melody that you’ve maybe heard before (if you’re a MOMOLAND fan, of course). Whether it is taken from a particular song or if it is a free-for-all sampler, it’s catchiness gives “You and I” a sassy and fun vibe, keeping the momentum from “Thank You” going into the next track.

We have to give it to Brave Girls again for making the love between us and them even stronger with this track.

물거품 (Love Is Gone)

Love Is Gone
Romanization: Mulgeopum (Love Is Gone)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you thought you weren’t going to get a disco track following “Thank You” and “You and I”, then “Love Is Gone” is the girl to prove you completely wrong.

Love Is Gone” may be the weakest track on the mini-album, as it actually doesn’t possess the catchy hooks of its predecessors, but it is still quite the dance track. Think along the lines of “I Will Survive” and “Hush Hush; Hush Hush”… Brave Brothers has gone himself and took influence from heartbreak disco, allowing Brave Girls, who are no strangers to songs about heartbreak and lost love, to utilize their powerful vocal prowess in delivering one of their saddest songs yet.

From its quiet guitar-driven intro to its funky but melancholy dance beat, love may sure be gone, but my Fearless (and romantic) self is still here, dancing, likely with tears falling from my eyes.

Can I Love You

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

You thought heartbreak disco was over, didn’t you? Well, you are solely mistaken with the final original track on the mini: “Can I Love You”.

Can I Love You” feels, in a way, like it is a sequel to “Love Is Gone”, but this time, Brave Brothers went ahead to spread a lot of sugar all over this one, giving it a catchier sound. In fact, Brave Brothers went all the way home for this one…

“Can I Love You” is basically a trot song that’s heavily infused with a trendy K-pop sound. At this point, I have to thank Brave Brothers, because this is something I would expect from him, and even then, I am always pleasantly surprised.

Its sadness is explicitly shown through its crafty melody that will loop in your head for ages upon its end, considering it loops all the way throughout, and the girls (especially Minyoung) carry this song so well… Brave Girls, you can love me, because I love this.

Thank You (remix)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The final track on the mini-album is a remixed version of “Thank You”, the appropriately-titled “Thank You (remix)“.

The song is reworked to still be disco, but this time, there’s more of an EDM influence at play. With distorted vocalizations, additional instruments, and a stripping of the original overlaying instrumental, “Thank You (remix)” still manages to sound as familiar as its original track while also giving off a fresh feel – it does sound like it is a new track, and it does manage to keep its catchiness afloat. I really like the touches of synth in between parts, giving off a very Shaun Frank-like vibe.

While I don’t think remixes of original tracks are completely necessary on mini-albums, I’m not mad at this addition – it’s a nice take that I could see being used for DJ sets in South Korea. So, thank you, Brave Girls, for giving us another spin around to this stellar comeback.


Another fantastic mini-album from South Korea’s military angels!

There’s just no hiding it – I absolutely adore Brave Girls, even before their rise to fame in 2021. I had stuck with them since their humble beginnings, though I admit, “Rollin’” is where I knew these girls had the IT factor, and so to see them go so far with that track… ugh. Couldn’t be more proud.

To see them now, with “THANK YOU” and their newtro concepts, it just affirms my love for them (and for Brave Brothers, frankly), because they know their audience, they know what appeals to them, and they still have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to give their gratitude to who else but the fans, Fearless.

This is a definite recommend.

Thank you, Brave Girls. Let’s keep going, and let’s keep being Fearless.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

MUST-LISTEN: 우리끼리 (You and I), Can I Love You, Thank You

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