Brave Girls

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Korean Singles

Brave Girls : The Difference
Released: 2011/04/08

Intro (Ain’t Nobody Like Brave Girls)
So Sexy
Do You Know

Easily (Remix Ver.)
Released: 2011/08/26

Easily (Remix) (feat. 1kyne)

For You
Released: 2013/08/31

For You

Released: 2016/02/16


Yoo Hoo
Released: 2016/09/01

Yoo Hoo

Rollin’ (New Version)
Released: 2018/08/11

Rollin’ (New Version)

We Ride
Released: 2020/08/14

We Ride

Korean Mini-Albums

Back To Da Future
Released: 2011/07/29

Back To Da Future
Easily (feat. Skull)
When It Rains
It Hurts So Much
(feat. Maboos from Electroboyz)
(Eunyoung Solo)
Do You Know (Acoustic Remix Ver.)

Brave Girls’ : Second Mini Album ‘Re-Issue’
Released: 2012/02/22

B’Girls Are Back
Nowadays You
Without A Word
Nowadays You (Remix Ver.)

Released: 2016/06/27

High Heels
Help Me
Don’t Meet

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