• single review: hitomi “IS IT YOU?”

    single review: hitomi “IS IT YOU?”

    Second up in hitomi’s ‘huma-rhythm’ set is the single “IS IT YOU?“, released in the last half of 2001. Containing three songs, hitomi begs us the age-old question of whether who we’re looking for is you, wants us to keep an open mind, and then asks a new question: why? Continuing with the inspirational and […]

  • single review: hitomi “INNER CHILD”

    single review: hitomi “INNER CHILD”

    I’ll be doing another series following my ‘BAD Mode’ set, and this time, I’ll be focusing on a singer that most people may only know through an anime series known as InuYasha: hitomi. I previously did a review on the single attached to it here (known as “I am / innocence”), but today, I’ll be […]

  • album review: Utada Hikaru “BAD Mode”

    album review: Utada Hikaru “BAD Mode”

    At last, we have reached the album! Released January 19, 2022, as a gift to their fans on their own birthday, “BAD Mode” is Utada Hikaru’s (or Hikki’s, as their fans devotedly call them) eighth studio album, featuring singles that trace back to the beginning of 2019. In the three year span, Hikki would go […]

  • single review: Utada Hikaru “Kimi ni Muchuu”

    single review: Utada Hikaru “Kimi ni Muchuu”

    The final single in the series is “Kimi ni Muchuu“, serving as another tie-in (Hikki and these tie-in’s…). This time, “Kimi ni Muchuu” is attached as a theme song to the J-drama ‘Saiai’, and the track sees Hikki pairing up one more time with well-known PC Music producer A.G. Cook (best known for his collaborations […]

  • single review: Utada Hikaru “PINK BLOOD”

    single review: Utada Hikaru “PINK BLOOD”

    Fourth up would originally be “One Last Kiss” in the ‘BAD Mode’ review series… however! I have already reviewed it here, so enjoy! With that established, the next review up on the list is for a single released in 2021, and yes, it has another tie-in. This time, Hikki’s “PINK BLOOD” serves as the opening […]

  • single review: Utada Hikaru “Dare ni mo Iwanai”

    single review: Utada Hikaru “Dare ni mo Iwanai”

    Third up in the set is “Dare ni mo Iwanai“, otherwise translated to ‘I Won’t Tell Anyone’, which also has a tie-in. This time, Hikki is paired up with Suntory Water, selecting the song as the theme track for the commercial, which also stars Hikki themself. Released literally days following “Time”, “Dare ni mo Iwanai” […]

  • single review: Utada Hikaru “Time”

    single review: Utada Hikaru “Time”

    Second up in the “BAD Mode” review set is “Time“, released more than a year after “Face My Fears”. This single was released as a digital single in 2020, mere months following the onset of the pandemic, and it has Hikki exploring uncharted territory by offering a theme song for a drama aired on NTV […]

  • single review: Utada Hikaru “Face My Fears”

    single review: Utada Hikaru “Face My Fears”

    I’m back for a new review set, and this time, I will be taking a look at several Utada Hikaru releases. For this review set, I will tackle the recent releases leading up to their new album “BAD Mode”, which is set to be released on January 19. The first single of the bunch, having […]

  • mini-album review: Kep1er “FIRST IMPACT”

    mini-album review: Kep1er “FIRST IMPACT”

    Where are all my Girls Planet 999 fans at? If you recall previously at the tail end of 2021, Mnet unleashed a new survival reality TV series known as Girls Planet 999, which is just a Produce 101 program with a fresh coat of paint (to hide all the drama of 2019). After several episodes, […]