single review: Tommy heavenly6 “Pray”

Second up on the artist spotlight series for Tommy heavenly6 is the second single from her second album, Heavy Starry Heavenly, which Gintama fans may be very familiar with!

Pray is the title of the next single, tied-in with popular anime series Gintama as its very first anime opening in 2006. It continues on the Halloween theme that many of the singles from Heavy Starry Heavenly follow, but this time opting for a more humorous vibe but with some ghostly samurais!

Pray is one of Tommy’s well-known singles, but is this prayer worth chanting with or is it just going to be left unanswered? Click on to read more…

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Anison Corner #1: Gintama’ OP1 – serial TV drama “Tougenkyo Alien”

In the very first of my new review series, Anison Corner, I’ll be taking a look into what makes an anime song and its counterpart visual so good (or so bad). From its relation to the anime’s story, to its technical aspects such as the song, the animation, and how it translates to the viewer, Anison Corner will take all these details and score them up just like any of my regular reviews, and I’ll give you my recommendations for each anison on this site! Whether it’s openings or endings, or even inserts and OST tracks, you’re guaranteed to see a variety of anison moving forward.

First up is an opening from a series that doesn’t seem to drop in score on MAL, and it’s a series that just almost seemed to never see its end in sight, with its various anime and live-action films, and its various title changes… you know I’m talking about Gintama! For the first review, I’ll be taking a look at the alien-like world of Gintama’, the series’ second ‘season’, and its first opening. Read on!

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