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  • mini-album review: Kep1er “FIRST IMPACT”

    mini-album review: Kep1er “FIRST IMPACT”

    Where are all my Girls Planet 999 fans at? If you recall previously at the tail end of 2021, Mnet unleashed a new survival reality TV series known as Girls Planet 999, which is just a Produce 101 program with a fresh coat of paint (to hide all the drama of 2019). After several episodes,…

  • single review: Girls Planet 999 “Creation Mission”

    single review: Girls Planet 999 “Creation Mission”

    Have you been watching Girls Planet 999? You might remember how Korean TV network Mnet had the Produce series out for a significant chunk of K-pop’s current era, and yes, they faced a lot of controversies; the biggest of them being that each season was RIGGED (you saw that correctly). However, that might not be…