the top 15 k-pop songs of 2020

Bet you thought I was never coming back! I kid.

Despite everything that’s been going on in my life, from securing myself a new job and starting school again, I’ve been keeping on track with a lot of K-pop in 2020. In a year that is probably the weirdest, 2020 delivered on the K-pop track with various songs ranging from haunting to straight up wonky. It seems like there was no way coronavirus was gonna bring K-pop down. I’ve narrowed it down to fifteen songs to keep it small, but here is my list of songs from December 2019 to December 2020… and here’s a warning: don’t be surprised if it’s majorly girl groups. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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album review: IZ*ONE “BLOOM*IZ*

Remember sometime last year when I was worried that IZ*ONE was never going to release again when there was the Produce scandal? Remember when we thought this full album was never going to see the light of day?

Then somehow, closer to my birthday, I find out that the album was indeed going to proceed and promotions would continue and IZ*ONE would still be a group until the end of their contract. Guess when the album released? I’ll leave you in suspense (P.S. it’s my birthday!).

BLOOM*IZ” came and made its impact, fighting against all odds (and eventually selling A LOT, and I mean A LOT, of copies).

Was the album worth all the wait? Was it the serene blooming of a group that fought through all the lies and betrayal? Or is this a wilting flower that should have disbanded the group? Carry on…

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mini-album review: IZ*ONE “HEART*IZ”

Remember Produce 48? Here’s a rundown: it’s basically the survival reality program to find the nation’s girl group Produce 101 merged with Japanese mega-group AKB48. Despite it facing some scrutiny under recent times due to ‘voting manipulation’, Produce 48 created monster rookie group IZ*ONE upon its completion, who managed to stir the charts with an elegant but fiery red debut, creating waves in both Korea and Japan as a girl group to watch out for.

In April 2019, IZ*ONE released their very first comeback, and with all the hype that came before for what may follow from their huge debut, all IZ were on the group to follow-up with something just as great. Carrying on in the floral concept, IZ*ONE tackles the heart with the second mini HEART*IZ, but is this where the heart is?

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