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  • single review: Tommy heavenly6 “Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl”

    single review: Tommy heavenly6 “Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl”

    Are you ready to say trick or treat? It’s Halloween! Woo! Spooky day. It’s also the big day for the Tommy series! The third single in the promotion of her second album, Heavy Starry Heavenly, ‘Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl’ is the actual Halloween single, with promotional art, its music video, and the track itself being all forms […]

  • single review: Tommy heavenly6 “Pray”

    single review: Tommy heavenly6 “Pray”

    Second up on the artist spotlight series for Tommy heavenly6 is the second single from her second album, Heavy Starry Heavenly, which Gintama fans may be very familiar with! Pray is the title of the next single, tied-in with popular anime series Gintama as its very first anime opening in 2006. It continues on the […]

  • single review: Tommy heavenly6 “I’m Gonna SCREAM+”

    single review: Tommy heavenly6 “I’m Gonna SCREAM+”

    Speaking of Halloween… let’s do an artist spotlight, also! When you think of Halloween and J-pop, you might think of a few artists. Does Tommy heavenly6 cross your mind? She should! Having released many Halloween-related releases as of recent, Tommy (or Kawase Tomoko) started out with an Avril Lavigne aesthetic, but upon prepping for her […]

  • mini-album review: the peggies “Anemone EP”

    mini-album review: the peggies “Anemone EP”

    If you have been following my blog for some time, you may be familiar with this trio! Having covered their contribution to the anime, Sarazanmai, the three-member pop-rock group, the peggies, are back with their first release in 2020. Known as Anemone EP, this release contains five new songs for your listening pleasure. While none […]

  • Anison Corner #1: Gintama’ OP1 – serial TV drama “Tougenkyo Alien”

    In the very first of my new review series, Anison Corner, I’ll be taking a look into what makes an anime song and its counterpart visual so good (or so bad). From its relation to the anime’s story, to its technical aspects such as the song, the animation, and how it translates to the viewer, […]

  • single review: Tokyo Jihen “Erabarezaru Kokumin”

    single review: Tokyo Jihen “Erabarezaru Kokumin”

    Speaking of something new, did you hear the news that Tokyo Jihen is reuniting? Um… excuse me! This is amazing! Tokyo Jihen is a five-piece rock/jazz band consisting of five incredible talents, including rock soloist Shiina Ringo, whose music carries a distinct but artfully crafted sound. However, in 2012, Tokyo Jihen decided to part ways […]

  • single review: Ziyoou-vachi (QUEEN BEE) “Kaen”

    single review: Ziyoou-vachi (QUEEN BEE) “Kaen”

    If you’re not familiar with Ziyoou-vachi, otherwise known in international waters as QUEEN BEE, then here’s one way to get introduced to them. The rock quartet, known for their eccentric yet ever-changing musical styles and image (which they themselves call “fashion punk”), had already marked 2019 as their biggest year, entering the mainstream in the […]

  • single review: the peggies “Stand By Me”

    single review: the peggies “Stand By Me”

    Do you like anime? Do you like girl bands? If so, the peggies is right up your alley. As of recently, the pop-rock trio have dabbled into anime territory, with many familiar with songs in works such as BORUTO NEXT GENERATIONS and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. Their most recent effort, that […]

  • mini-album review: Frederic “OTOTUNE”

    mini-album review: Frederic “OTOTUNE”

    For my first post as part of the site’s revival, I’ll be taking a look into a mini-album released by J-rock band, Frederic, who burst into the mainstream with “Kanashii Ureshii” from the anime series, Koi to Uso. One of their older mini-albums, “OTOTUNE” may share its name with the musical alteration device in pronunciation, […]