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  • single review: Tackey & Tsubasa “One Day, One Dream”

    single review: Tackey & Tsubasa “One Day, One Dream”

    Next up is Johnny’s duo Tackey & Tsubasa with their single ‘One Day, One Dream’, tying in to the InuYasha anime series as the fifth opening. Tackey & Tsubasa are the second Johnny’s-associated group to tackle the series, and here, they go for a more pop-rock sound as opposed to V6’s J-pop sound of ‘CHANGE…

  • single review: V6 “CHANGE THE WORLD”

    single review: V6 “CHANGE THE WORLD”

    Alright, so if you haven’t heard, there’s a new InuYasha series coming out, and my young pre-teen self could not be more excited. In fact, because of this, I’ve gone and revisited the music from the InuYasha series. It’s where I got my start with Asian music and well, the rest is history. I’ve decided…