single review: MOMOLAND “Thumbs Up”

If we’re on the topic of nostalgia, then we shouldn’t be forgetting all the new stuff that’s coming out! One such new release is MOMOLAND’s recent single, their first for 2020 and their first since ‘I’m So Hot’ in 2019 (which was released, well, nine months ago). If you’ve been following MOMOLAND for a while, you’ll know they faced a lot of hardships through the year, with two members (Yeonwoo and Taeha) leaving the group and Daisy STILL on hiatus… but that didn’t stop the girls.

With their new release, the girls come back to give their fans a big ‘thumbs up’ for the love and support, but is it really a thumbs up, or is it not even worth a thumb down?

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mini-album review: MOMOLAND “GREAT!”

Are you into K-pop? You are? Then, have you heard about MOMOLAND recently? Scoring 100 million views for an MV when you’re relatively unknown is a feat in itself, and MOMOLAND certainly proved this to be possible. GREAT!, the mini that the MV has been promoting, may go down as one of K-pop’s interesting successes, but is the group’s third mini-album all that it’s chalked up to be? Is it actually great? It may just be…

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