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  • mini-album review: (G)I-DLE “I trust”

    mini-album review: (G)I-DLE “I trust”

    In reviewing ‘I burn’, I suddenly found myself down the (G)I-DLE wormhole, and now I cannot stop listening to (G)I-DLE. Frankly, this serves as a fantastic opportunity to review their work, and since I looked at ‘I burn’, we have to move down to ‘I trust‘, one of two releases from the CUBE Entertainment girl […]

  • mini-album review: (G)I-DLE “I burn”

    mini-album review: (G)I-DLE “I burn”

    ‘I burn‘ is the first K-pop release in 2021 for me, crafted by CUBE Entertainment girl group (G)I-DLE. Continuing on the trend of focusing on ‘I’, (G)I-DLE, pronounced I-DLE, kicks off 2021 with a mini album that could potentially melt the woes and wintry cold of the end of 2020 (and what a year that […]