single review: RaNia “Time To Rock Da Show”

With the resurgence of Brave Girls and other girl groups now receiving some form of attention in the Korean pop music universe, I thought it was about time to dig up some old tracks to go through myself! Better yet, I thought it was even more appropriate to dig up some of the old Brave Brothers-produced tracks for review.

Having been of the second generation fanbase for Korean pop music, it is no surprise I know a lot of the tracks produced by Brave Brothers, even the ones earlier than AOA. Dude’s been around since BIGBANG’s first few dents into K-pop, and now he continues to be a household name due in part to his work with his own girl group Brave Girls. But back in 2011, he was all over the place, and it didn’t take long before Teddy Riley’s own girl group RaNia took a piece of the Brave cake.

Released in 2011, RaNia decides to “rock da show” with a track from Mr. Brothers himself, but is this a grand ‘pop pop pop’ song from the mini “Time To Rock Da Show“, or is it time to say ‘goodbye’ to any chances of you listening to them even in 2021? Jesus, that’s 10 years ago too…

Time To Rock Da Show
Pop Pop Pop

Time To Rock Da Show

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The single begins with “Time To Rock Da Show”, appropriately after the title of the album. It’s got a Brave Sound feel to it, so you already know what to expect; it’s synthy, it’s got the boom boom pow Black-Eyed-Peas-style, and with its robotic narrator, it gives it a fun, futuristic feel. It definitely feels of its time, but the nostalgia of K-pop in 2011 really just has me feeling all sorts of good. It doesn’t quite transition well into the main track (and it doesn’t feel entirely necessary, to be fair), but it’s your typical K-pop intro, and it gives you an insight into what comes next… and that next song is definitely… poppin’.

Pop Pop Pop

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Brave Sound, you did it again!

Pop Pop Pop” is a bop bop bop, and it’s one of my favorites produced by the hitmaker himself. It’s crafted just like any typical Brave Sound song, but I think what keeps it so consistently good is just how insanely catchy it is. From the booming bass and synth, the usual Brave intro, and its electronica-like atmosphere, it is definitely a track of its era, but it’s that staccato-point noise that really gets it going. It gets immediately stuck in your head. The rest of the song goes in and out with Brave mannerisms, with a rap that is synced in with a distorted electronic groove that will only have you wanting more. Vocally, each girl has a nice color and tone, and it’s never grating. Fantastic effort, a great ‘pop pop pop’ song from the girls and Brave Brothers.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Also produced by Brave Brothers, “Goodbye” is the B-side for the album, and it takes on a more somber approach against “Pop Pop Pop”. It’s a good song, but definitely not the kind of song that I’ll be listening to too often; it doesn’t quite have the oomph that a more upbeat Brave Brothers song has (and if we’re really going for the jugular, it is a more bland version of some of his somber tracks, which contains the like of After School’s “Because of You”). The recognizable sound here is the piano melody that plays throughout, but the song contains flute-like melodies you’d hear in K-pop songs like this that give it a nice feel. The vocals and short subtle raps are fantastic, too, as no one here sounds awful. A nice goodbye, but one that I’m glad I don’t have to hear too often.


A fine release from the group!

I would probably only recommend this for the title track, “Pop Pop Pop”, and that track alone, as it just continues to have this earworm quality that, to this day, keeps going. And it’s been 10 years (is that not crazy?!). Otherwise, the remainder of the single is an intro and a just-good outro track that don’t feel all that necessary to the single; that being said, when this came out, it was good to at least have SOME RaNia music, and music that is produced by the king himself, Brave Brothers, nonetheless.

Definitely bop bop bop to “Pop Pop Pop”, though, because you won’t stop stop stop.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


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