single review: Perfume “Dream Fighter”

Continuing on the streak of Perfume reviews I’ll be doing, we’re taking a look at the follow-up single to ‘love the world’! Released the same year, ‘Dream Fighter’ continued amplifying Perfume’s fame in Japan to greater heights, peaking at number two on the Oricon charts and delivering sales counts of over 100,000. When it rains, it pours!

Since it was the follow-up, a lot of eyes were on Perfume as to how they would continue. Would they keep up in the change of sound? Would they take on a similar musical structure as they did in ‘love the world’? Was this dream worth fighting for? Read on for more!

Perfume promoting Dream Fighter

Dream Fighter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This almost feels like superhero music, with its intro synth introducing the hero, building up until it hits hard as more and more synth instruments join in for a glorious effort. “Dream Fighter“, the follow-up from their post-GAME single ‘love the world’, is much darker in tone but its unique in that there’s a feeling… almost like a glimmer of hope and light found in the song. Built around a heavy synth guitar riff fighting against a frantically looping electro melody, the track keeps to its namesake of a fighter. This is a song that makes full use of its build-ups before hitting its chorus. It is remarkable how the melodies all merge together to make something so coherent and make it sound nearly inspirational. It ends with a distorted vocalization that really catches you, as well. This is a grand fight song, tooth and nail.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Negai” is the B-side, and it is one of (perhaps the first of) Perfume’s slower electro-ballads. With its melodramatic piano-driven instrumental built over a record-scratching beat, the song is delivered with ease by the girls. Of course, they are vocoded the house down, which I would be slightly forgiving for if it wasn’t for the fact that this IS a ballad, and I know very well the girls have the vocal prowess to deliver. That being said, the vocoding does give the song its techno edge, keeping it still Perfume. It is a slightly boring song, not going to lie, but its lulling melody works and beautiful piano end hits you flipside, ending the track with grace (and making you go, damn Nakata, get it). I wish this was a tad better… perhaps its album mix?


Another great single from the girls! Here, the title track stands out way more than its B-side, which is good. I do find that I like “Negai”, but my only wish is that there was a little more to it than just what it is already, but that’s me wishing for too much (lol). “Dream Fighter” itself is a fantastic track, and it is a great addition to an already awesome list of songs by Perfume (and Nakata, of course). This is the kind of dream you fight for, so props to Perfume for being the heroines of our dreams!

MUST-LISTEN: Dream Fighter

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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