single review: Koda Kumi “feel”

We’re six out of twelve! Halfway there!

Next up on the list is ‘feel’. Continuing with R&B for genres as we go through the list, ‘feel’ is what Kanye West and Jamie Foxx would call a ‘slow jam’. Complimenting this is the cover art concept, taking us to Spain with her garments and color scheme. Interestingly, the song is the first of Kuu’s to feature entirely in English, and the single itself is her second #1 single of her career. So how does the song hold up? Does it have the ‘feel’ to make it a number-one hit?

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Koda Kumi promoting feel


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Sexy, nice and slow, is what we’re feeling in “feel“, the sixth of the promotional tracks of this project. Jazzy in sound, incorporating heavy R&B elements, “feel” is a sensual slow jam that will have you swaying in motion as it goes on. Beginning with a sexy instrumental that sounds straight out of a porno, key sounds of a soothing electric piano topped with a sultry guitar looping, along with twingy twangs of melodies… you have baby-making music in your possession. Kuu’s vocals are fabulous here, as the song doesn’t require her to belt. All she has to do is sell the sex with toned-down soothing and put in emotions when she’s really ‘feeling’ it. It’s a fabulous song. It is a one-up from ‘Lies’, though I find myself only listening to this if I’m really… ‘feeling’ the mood.


Kuu does porno music, and boy do I ‘feel’ it! Yes, even a gay man like me.

Jokes aside, it is a fantastic addition to the series, and it takes a unique turn, as with every other song in 12 Days. Its sensuality and its smoothness compliments Kumi’s sultry and sexy vocals, and it has great repeat quality. While some songs in the series I favor more, I find myself listening to this more and more each time. It’s a great ‘feel’ of a song, and it is another recommend from me.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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