single review: Utada Hikaru “PINK BLOOD”

Fourth up would originally be “One Last Kiss” in the ‘BAD Mode’ review series… however! I have already reviewed it here, so enjoy!

With that established, the next review up on the list is for a single released in 2021, and yes, it has another tie-in. This time, Hikki’s “PINK BLOOD” serves as the opening theme song for the anime series To Your Eternity, being the second anime tie-in for Hikki of the year.

Now, is “PINK BLOOD” actually pink, my favorite color, or is it just a regular red, meaning it might not be what I’d like? We’d have to take a look, so read on!

Released: 2021/06/02


Utada Hikaru promoting PINK BLOOD


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

PINK BLOOD” follows a similar vein to many of the singles that preceded it for the ‘BAD Mode’ era, incorporating the subtle funk elements from “Time” and a worldly atmosphere that was evident in “Dare ni mo Iwanai”. It is almost telling, at this point, what ‘BAD Mode’ is going to end up sounding like; however, that is besides the point here.

Because “PINK BLOOD” actually slaps.

Powered by vocalizations, incorporating a funky guitar beat over a subtle drum, then merging synth in between, “PINK BLOOD” is a mellow but catchy joining of your usual pop elements, but their merging remarkably crafts into a melody that grabs your attention, all while still sounding and feeling subdued, which seems to be where Hikki’s musical direction is going. It feels fresh and uniquely theirs. Suitable for an anime like To Your Eternity, I only wish “PINK BLOOD” ran in my veins.


It seems Utada Hikaru continues to up the ante with every single following up to ‘BAD Mode’, so the excitement is there.

“PINK BLOOD” is a worthy addition to the album, and it is likely an indicator for what sorts of tracks I can expect on the album when it does make its appearance for listening pleasure. Hikki truly has a remarkable ear for crafting pop music, and “PINK BLOOD” is no exception.

I give this one a pink and bloody definite recommend.


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